Check sheet for motor vehicle inspections

Vehicle examiners will check that the mechanism functions correctly , free of any stiffness. Inspection of suspension to confirm it is secure, free of any defects or visible ware, firmly attached and all components are in good working order. Lights must be correct color undamaged and clean. We can provide full RSA Standard reporting for your records. Complete checks carried out on the interior and exterior of the vehicle for possible risks. These include internal warning lights, instruments and gauges passenger restraints, cab free of obstructions and tachograph.

External bodywork assessed for damage or defects. Social Networks. Make sure that the battery is secured tightly and that the terminals aren't excessively dirty, then locate the color indicator. We're almost done under the hood!

Inspection details:

Next you need to check the level and quality of the power steering fluid. Do this by locating the reservoir most are translucent and looking at the level of fluid compared to the indicated "Min" and "Max" lines. If the reservoir is metal, you'll typically be supplied with a dipstick. The fluid should be clear, amber, or pinkish in color. Check this by using a clean dipstick, then wiping off the fluid with a paper towel and examining the color of the fluid on the towel.

If it is brown or black then the fluid needs replacing, possibly along with some parts of the power steering system. Rounding off our under the hood examination in the vehicle inspection checklist is the task of examining the hoses and visible piping. Here you're checking for visible cracks, damage, leaks, bulges, and cuts. Either way, record your findings using the form field below. For the windshield you primarily need to make sure that it isn't cracked. If it is, it will need replacing immediately. Otherwise, make sure that the glass isn't scratched or damaged heavily , to the point where vision is impaired.

The same checks need to be made on the rear window as were done on the front. Now it's time to check that the side windows are in good condition. The same standards as with each windshield apply here - any cracks or damage to the point where vision is impaired will fail this vehicle inspection.

Next you need to check that the window controls work. Whether they use electric buttons or a manual handle , make sure that the front and rear windows move up and down as intended without stopping early. It's no good having an undamaged windshield if you can't also keep it clean and clear while driving.

To that end, it's time to check that the windshield wipers are installed and in good condition. Check that both the front and rear wipers are installed and that they work correctly. Record your findings in the form field below. Now that you've inspected every element of the vehicle it's time to give a final pass or fail judgment. Take note of every dropdown form field you've filled out thus far. Facility inspection checklist. Forklift inspection checklist.

12 Week Vehicle Inspection With Sevicing And Repairs To HGV and LGV

Inventory management process. ISO container inspection checklist. Order fulfillment. Order processing checklist. Warehouse safety checklist. Password must be at least 8 characters long, contain one number, one uppercase character, one lowercase character and one special character. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. By unlocking, I agree to send my information to the creator of this checklist. Vehicle Inspection Checklist. Run this vehicle inspection checklist to perform your yearly inspection. This vehicle inspection checklist will solve those problems.

Let's dive right in.

Virginia Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Vehicle Inspector's Name. Does the inspector meet all qualification requirements? An option will be selected here. Inspection Agency Location. Date of vehicle inspection Date will be set here.

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Use the form fields below to do this. Vehicle Operator's First Name. Vehicle Operator's Last Name. Vehicle Operator's Phone Number. Vehicle Operator's Address. Driving License No. Driving License Expiry Date Date will be set here.

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Vehicle Type An option will be selected here. License Plate No. Year Vehicle Made Date will be set here. Report No. Fleet Unit No. Are the brakes in good condition?

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Be ready to use the regular brake in case the emergency brake fails. Is the emergency brake in good condition? Is the front bumper in good condition? Is the rear bumper in good condition? Does the horn work properly? Record what you find using the form field below. Are all seat belts working and in good condition?

As usual, record what you find using the form fields below.