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There are specific instructions on the form explaining the process.

Should you file a police report after an auto accident?

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage More Information: The VPD has implemented a new policy regarding how motor vehicle crashes are handled. In the event that you encounter any of the above listed issues, please call us and an officer will respond to the scene to assist you. What if the other driver does not speak English or cannot read or write? After reading the above, Click here to continue.

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Example: Your bicycle is stolen from your front yard. Example: Someone intentionally damaged your property. You are the actual victim of the theft, loss, or criminal mischief not a witness, relative, friend, etc. Any evidence exists such as fingerprints, burglary tools left at the scene, any type of evidence, or anything that must be collected or processed by the police.

Suspect information exists such as a license plate number, surveillance photos, or a physical description of the suspect.

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There are actually two different kinds of crash reports: CR-2 forms and CR-3 forms. Although they might sound similar, there are quite a few distinctions between the two types. The severity of your accident will determine which report you should use. While a police officer must submit a CR-3 form, someone involved in an accident will file a CR-2 form.

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In some accidents, bodily injuries and damage might not always be immediately noticeable. Even fender benders that seemed like no big deal at the time could end up costing thousands of dollars in medical bills and vehicle repairs later on. Automobile accidents can be physically and emotionally damaging, and you might not be aware of all your rights. If your accident happened two years ago, you should use the blue form from two years ago—not the current one.

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