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My cell phone provider is Patriot Mobile. Patriot Mobile fits the bill! What I really like is the ability to talk to a real live person that shares my values unlike my previous carrier experience.

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From my very first call to my easy monthly billing transactions to my ability to support my favorite conservative causes the staff at Patriot Mobile has been top-notch! I am thrilled with Patriot Mobile! I purchased a new phone from Patriot Mobile.

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When the phone arrived, the package included a pocket-sized US Constitution! What a fantastic gift! Coverage is terrific and price is competitive. I have found my forever provider. Patriot Mobile is a godsend!

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I switched my service from Verizon and could not be happier with the change. Most of all, the peace of mind that comes with knowing my hard-earned money is going to organizations that represent my values is absolutely priceless. Ken is very professional, knowledgeable and genuine.

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He was patient and the conversation was very pleasant. He answered everything I needed to know. I was thrilled to have a company really back us up as a customer - so many times you are just a number, but they took care of our situation and I finally got the new phone.

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We highly recommend Patriot Mobile. The reps are extremely helpful and you can tell that they appreciate and care about their customers. I would highly recommend Patriot Mobile. I don't have to worry about my money being used for abortions and other liberal agendas.

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Thank you Patriot Mobile for taking care of us conservatives! I was with my previous carrier for 20 years. Amazon and eBay usually have good selections of these products, and both frequently offer cell phone promo codes and coupons.

If you're a dedicated early adopter, look for presales, which might offer an opportunity to save some cash. If you don't want to drop money on a new release, shop for a prior model.

Do some research into when your preferred model line is due for a new release, and then a month before the new phone drops, be on the lookout for sales on previous generations. It's during this time that manufacturers mark down previous models to make room for the newest ones, allowing you to score a great cell phone deal.

Save even more by opting for an even older model; just make sure the phone's specs meet your needs.


Alternately, you can try out a used or refurbished device. You can find both older and preowned devices at eBay and Amazon. What to Consider When Purchasing a Cell Phone When you're purchasing a cell phone, make sure the device you select has sufficient memory, speed, camera precision and general functionality to meet your needs. Show results for.

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