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There are many reasons why people want free divorce records. Many people look for free divorce records to get information mention here such as child custody cases, financial listings, dates of lawsuits and evidence of any previous marriages. Free divorce records are also needed by those interested in Genealogy and wish to learn a lot about your family.

To obtain free divorce records, you need to follow a certain procedure.

Since divorce cases are processed in courts of state, you can get all the relevant information here regarding free divorce record. If the Domestic Relations Court has a website, most Court websites have the documents included on their site, usually attached to the Courts local rules. Another way to find free divorce records in any of the US States is to visit the website of the records department of the county court where the divorce took place.

This is relatively easy when you spend some time on the internet as there are a number of different websites that will allow you to get free divorce records.

New Jersey Public Records

Most states now have their divorce records information online in a database that we are able to access for you. Fill the forms and send the important papers and your records should arrive in five to seven business days. So, getting FREE divorce records is just a matter a few clicks. Also you may have to provide identification proof as requested by the state.

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You may need to pay a nominal copy fee. Fill the form properly and submit it to the vital records office. Wait two to three weeks for the order to process. In case you are looking for divorce records of some other person, you need to do some research work first.

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New Jersey Public Records

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