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After you complete the state portion of the application process and get your fingerprints done please visit the Records Division at the St.

Joseph County Police at W. South Bend between the hours of am and pm to complete the local portion of your application.

For any other questions regarding your application, please call the Records Division at To put money on an inmate's commissary or "books" you may send a money order to the St. Joseph County Jail at W. South Bend, IN with your inmate's name on the bottom of the envelope.

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You may also come into the jail lobby between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm and use our kiosk. The jail does not accept cash at the counter, only in the kiosk. Bond or bail money can be accepted between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm at the County Jail, located at W.

Indiana State Background Check

South Bend, IN. To find out the amount of the bail you may call or visit Jailtracker.

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  • You may also pay a bond or bail online at govpaynet. You will need the inmate's OCA number and the amount of the bail or bond which you may obtain by calling the jail or from our inmate lookup. Please visit the Records Division at the St.

    Joseph County Jail which is located at W. South Bend, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm to fill out a noise ordinance request.

    Indiana Expungement of Arrests That Did Not Lead To A Conviction

    By County Ordinance , loud music and construction noises are allowed between the hours of 7 am and pm. The Sheriff has the authority to approve or deny a request on a case by case basis. Skip to Main Content. Sign In.

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    And IDE is not the only company facing a class action lawsuit regarding inaccurate employment background reporting results. In January, Starbucks Corp. David M. Marco, a Chicago attorney represents Petry. He told IndyStar that "the company is doing a very poor job of matching people. Call IndyStar reporter Fatima Hussein at