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This is a free and confidential service to help families reconnect. If you are a refugee, we may also be able to help you reunite with your family in the UK. We may be able to help in other circumstances where there is a humanitarian need. For example, if you have suddenly lost contact with an elderly relative abroad.

You can also check if your family are looking for you and add your photo to our Trace the Face website.

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If you think your loved ones may have been involved in the tragic incident on 23 October when a number of people died in a lorry in Essex, or if you want to give information about the incident, please contact the official Casualty Bureau. Their telephone numbers are:. Help for refugees. Help with loneliness.

Family members

If you want to help our work you can:. Thanks for your feedback. The GOV. UK website offers two leaflets which explain the practical support British consular staff can offer and what you need to do.

The key objectives are:

If you need to you can buy extra death certificates — these will be needed for the will and any claims to pensions, savings, etc. The service is offered by most local authorities.

You can arrange for an appointment to take place when you register the death, or you can access the service online or over the phone. When someone dies, you must get in touch with certain organisations to let them know as soon as possible. You should send any Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney they had back to the Office of the Public Guardian, along with a death certificate, if you were their attorney.

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The person who died may have left funeral instructions in their will or a letter about their wishes. Check that the people you talk to are registered with at least one of the following organisations. Make sure you get more than one quote. Ask funeral directors for quotations to help you decide which company to use. Ask for an itemised quote which includes:. There may be extra charges for third parties such as the crematorium, clergy and doctors. Funeral directors may ask for these fees to be paid upfront. DIY funerals can be less expensive, more environmentally friendly as well as more personal and intimate.

This type of funeral often takes place when someone makes their wishes clear before their death and plans for it themselves, as it can involve more advance planning. Contact your local council if you want to arrange a funeral in your local cemetery or crematorium. Arranging a funeral can not only be stressful - it can also be expensive.

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If you're paying for the funeral, think carefully about what you can afford. There are strict rules about who can get help and how much you will receive. You must be claiming Pension Credit or certain other means-tested benefits, and had a close relationship with the person who died — for example, you may have been their partner.

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When someone dies there's often a lot to deal with — their paperwork, finances, legal issues, property, as well as coping with your own emotional reaction to their death. For example, normally the hospital managers must tell your nearest relative when you are due to be discharged, but if you give instructions that they should not tell your nearest relative this or share other information about you, they should respect your wishes. Hari has a history of being physically abused as a child.

He is still not close to his father and would prefer not to have him involved in his care. He lives in a flat which he shares with his friends. He is then told that his father, as his nearest relative , should normally be informed when Hari is going to be discharged from hospital because it is the duty of the hospital managers to do this. Hari says that he absolutely does not want his father to be told this or any other information about him.

The hospital has to respect his wishes. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. Like most websites, we use cookies. Talk to us I need urgent help Donate.

What do I need to do straight away?

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