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We are engineers and technicians. When your app first launches, it can take a moment for the browser to spin up, and the initial content to begin rendering. Instead of showing a white screen that may look to the user like the app is stall, Chrome will show a splash screen, until the first paint. Chrome will choose the icon that closely matches the dp icon for that device.

Again, providing a px and a px icon will be sufficient for most cases, but you can provide additional icons as necessary. To manually verify your manifest is setup correctly, you can use the Manifest tab on the Application panel of Chrome DevTools. This tab provides a human-readable version of many of your manifest's properties. You can also simulate Add to Home Screen events from here. See Testing the app install banner for more on this topic. If you want an automated approach towards validating your web app manifest, check out Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a web app auditing tool. You provide Lighthouse with a URL, it runs a suite of audits against that page, and then displays the results in a report.

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    If the character at position is an ASCII digit , collect a sequence of code points that are ASCII digits from input given position , interpret the resulting sequence as an integer in base ten, and increment value by that integer. Let s be the resulting sequence. If s is not the empty string, then:. Let length be the number of characters in s after the spaces were removed. Let fraction be the result of interpreting s as a base-ten integer, and then dividing that number by 10 length.

    Increment value by fraction. Add an entry to result consisting of the number given by value and the unit given by unit. Return the list result. This takes into account leap years in the Gregorian calendar. When ASCII digits are used in the date and time syntaxes defined in this section, they express numbers in base ten. While the formats described here are intended to be subsets of the corresponding ISO formats, this specification defines parsing rules in much more detail than ISO Implementors are therefore encouraged to carefully examine any date parsing libraries before using them to implement the parsing rules described below; ISO libraries might not parse dates and times in exactly the same manner.

    Where this specification refers to the proleptic Gregorian calendar , it means the modern Gregorian calendar, extrapolated backwards to year 1. A date in the proleptic Gregorian calendar , sometimes explicitly referred to as a proleptic-Gregorian date , is one that is described using that calendar even if that calendar was not in use at the time or place in question.

    What the law says

    The use of the Gregorian calendar as the wire format in this specification is an arbitrary choice resulting from the cultural biases of those involved in the decision. See also the section discussing date, time, and number formats in forms for authors , implementation notes regarding localization of form controls , and the time element. A month consists of a specific proleptic-Gregorian date with no time-zone information and no date information beyond a year and a month.

    A string is a valid month string representing a year year and month month if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The rules to parse a month string are as follows. This will return either a year and month, or nothing. If at any point the algorithm says that it "fails", this means that it is aborted at that point and returns nothing. Parse a month component to obtain year and month. If this returns nothing, then fail. If position is not beyond the end of input , then fail. Return year and month.

    The rules to parse a month component , given an input string and a position , are as follows. This will return either a year and a month, or nothing. If the collected sequence is not at least four characters long, then fail. Otherwise, interpret the resulting sequence as a base-ten integer.

    Let that number be the year. If year is not a number greater than zero, then fail.

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    Otherwise, move position forwards one character. If the collected sequence is not exactly two characters long, then fail. Let that number be the month. A string is a valid date string representing a year year , month month , and day day if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The rules to parse a date string are as follows. This will return either a date, or nothing.

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    Parse a date component to obtain year , month , and day. Let date be the date with year year , month month , and day day. Return date.