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Clients are supposed to offer a way of changing nospam , and there is no way, nor will be, to announce changed nospam to to friends. It means, that if you'll save anything except for public key from Tox ID, and your friend changes nospam , currently you'll only get not working, 76 long string of characters. Anyway, whole "idea" of being able to just "copy" friend's Tox ID to add it in other Tox instance is dumb and won't work.

And if someone changes it's nospam on purpose, then maybe it's his job to explain to his friends while they can't add him anymore? I'm not seeing a better solution that doesn't involve removing the "copy friend id" feature completely.

Thing is, user shouldn't be really encouraged to copy Tox ID from client to client, but there should be a way for user to check friends' public key. IMHO best approach would be to morph Copy ID into Show public key , and after clicking Show public key there would be pop-up window with public key, and something like question mark somewhere, which would lead to explanation of how things are supposed to work, and why copying public key from client to client isn't supposed to work. So real solution would be to either fully remove that functionality, or to morph it into Show public key.

Disclaimer: it actually should be thought of really carefully, and what is more important, properly designed. What I'm trying to point out is that currently qTox encourages misleading, incorrect and simply broken way of doing things for users, and that's the real issue that should be addressed ASAP, so they don't get used to broken way of doing things and won't be expecting broken way to actually work as they already do. Furthermore, please don't actually fix "problems" that users have with broken way of doing things, but rather address thing that encourages wrong way of doing things.

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I like the Show pubkey popup. Changing the nospam isn't something I'd expect people to do often, I doubt many people will try to spam friend requests. But I could be wrong, of course. One of main things that make it a problem is word "copy". It in itself implies that you can reuse what you're copying for something else, whereas "show" doesn't necessarily imply that. I'm afraid that changing nospam may be the only way of actually fighting against real spam friend requests, where some entities would dig through DNS records for Tox IDs, and them spam those with friend requests to advertise Viagra, or something equally desired by Tox users.

It wouldn't be people spamming other people, but simply bots. Regarding "additional" part, client integration with toxme. Perhaps when adding someone with a toxme. Currently there is no way of telling if what toxme. Yeah, but it's still the same probblem. The ID itself is useless, the nospam isn't guaranteed to be good, and the toxme.

As I can see the copy Tox-ID button returns the current public key with the expected no-spam value. By concept of toxcore there is no other solution for this.

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The copied ID has 76 digits which is the size of a regular tox ID. Ok, thats something I didn't notice. How to change the ID? Technical Support.

Yes Also add what you already tried so far. Painwithin September 12, , pm 3.

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No, used different from mine, mine is new when I bought the game. Painwithin September 13, , pm 5.

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