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Capability to record on two channels simultaneusly. VuLink is the first product on the market to fully integrate event recorder and body-worn video. The patented technology behind VuLink enables automatic activation of your in-car camera, optional wireless microphone and body-worn video camera. VuLink wirelessly activates all of your Digital Ally video systems automatically and simultaneously. Just about anything in the vehicle that can output a 12 Volt Signal can be configured to trigger your event recorder. Below are the most common of these:.

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Dual-Channel HD DashCam Event Recording System

Never miss an important Event Pre-Event Recording With Pre-Event enabled the system is always recording the last seconds to capture the events leading up to the activation of a recording. Continuous Loop Recording The system is set to record on a continuous loop.

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Focus on the Job, not your video Reduce Distractions VuLink wirelessly activates all of your Digital Ally video systems automatically and simultaneously. Backup Camera. Metodo e dispositivo in particolare atto a consentire di verificare le cause di un incidente in cui e' coinvolto un veicolo attraverso le immagini dell'ambiente in cui esso si trova in stato di moto o di stazionamento.

Disk recording and sound reproducing device using pitch change and timing adjustment. Method and apparatus for annotating full motion video and other indexed data structures. Method and apparatus for detecting fault conditions in a vehicle data recording device to detect tampering or unauthorized access. ITB1 it. CCD dark mean level correction circuit employing digital processing and analog subtraction requiring no advance knowledge of dark mean level.

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Motion picture recording device using digital, computer-readable non-linear media. Method and apparatus for monitoring parameters of vehicle electronic control units. Impact activated triggering mechanism for a camera mounted anywhere in a vehicle. NLC2 nl. DEC1 de. Verfahren zur Schlupfermittlung einer autonomen mobilen Einheit mit Dreiradkinematik. Mobile, ground-based platform security system which transmits images that were taken prior to the generation of an input signal. Biometrically secured control system for preventing the unauthorized use of a vehicle. Dynamically programmable automotive-driving monitoring and alarming device and system.

System and method for reconstruction of the position of objects utilizing a signal transmitting and receiving distance determining device. Taillight mounted vehicle security system employing facial recognition using a reflected image. Smart card for recording identification, and operational, service and maintenance transactions. Method and apparatus for the remote monitoring and configuration of electronic control systems. Method and apparatus for generating a composite image using the difference of two images. Acoustic catastrophic event detection and data capture and retrieval system for aircraft.

EPA1 en. Mileage and fuel consumption determination for geo-cell based vehicle information management. Apparatus and methods for use therein for an ISDN LAN modem utilizing browser-based configuration with adaptation of network parameters. System and method for updating, enhancing or refining a geographic database using feedback. Apparatus and methods for managing transfers of video recording media used for surveillance from vehicles.

Fuel use efficiency system for a vehicle for assisting the driver to improve fuel economy. AUA en. WOA2 en. Dynamic resource allocation and media access control for a wireless ATM network. Vehicle warning system for visual communication of hazardous traffic conditions. JPA ja.

Windshield Video Event Recorders in California

JPB1 ja. Method for analyzing tendency of operation of moving object, operation control system and its constituent apparatus, and recorded medium. Integrated traffic light violation citation generation and court date scheduling system. AUB2 en. Method and apparatus for displaying real-time visual information on an automobile pervasive computing client. Packet prioritization processing technique for routing traffic in a packet-switched computer network.

Verfahren und vorrichtung zur speicherung von daten in einem fahrzeug und zur auswertung der gespeicherten daten.

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Vehicle-based navigation system with smart map filtering, portable unit home-base registration and multiple navigation system preferential use. Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system for engine event reporting. DEB4 de. PLA1 en. USA9 en. AUPQA0 en. System for monitoring and recording motor vehicle operating parameters and other data. Traffic accident data recorder and traffic accident reproduction system and method.

Testing and Install 4'' Dual Lens Camera Car DVR Video Recorder G-Sensor

Multi-mode in-vehicle control unit with network selectivity for transmitting vehicle data for fleet management. Remote control for wireless control of system and displaying of compressed video on a display on the remote.

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Verfahren zur Ereignisinterpretation und Ausgabe von Bedienhinweisen in Kraftfahrzeugen. System for tracking vehicle and driver location and mileage and generating reports therefrom. Construction machine managing method and system, and arithmetic processing device. In-vehicle device for wirelessly connecting a vehicle to the internet and for transacting e-commerce and e-business.

Communication interface device for managing wireless data transmission between a vehicle and the internet. DEC2 de. Method for combining multi-modal queries for search of multimedia data using time overlap or co-occurrence and relevance scores. System, method, and computer program product for providing location based services and mobile e-commerce. Wireless diagnostic system for characterizing a vehicle's exhaust emissions. Remote monitoring, configuring, programming and diagnostic system and method for vehicles and vehicle components. System, method and computer program product for remote vehicle diagnostics, monitoring, configuring and reprogramming.

Computing grid for massively multi-player online games and other multi-user immersive persistent-state and session-based applications. Collision record apparatus, collision state estimation method, and record medium.

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Method and apparatus to support remote and automatically initiated data loading and data acquisition of airborne computers using a wireless spread spectrum aircraft data services link. System and method of analyzing aircraft removal data for preventative maintenance. System and method for providing transformation of multi-protocol packets in a data stream. Method and apparatus for measurement, analysis, and optimization of content delivery. Automobile web cam and communications system incorporating a network of automobile web cams.

Method and system for detecting vehicle collision using global positioning system. System and method for collecting, processing, and distributing information to promote safe driving.