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This will help you get more reliable results.

The way Google search works is to take what you search for and match it with keywords in online content. When you search for too many words, it may limit your results. Thus, it is apropos to use only the important words when searching for something. Doing this can help Google find what you need without all the clutter. So remember, keep it simple and use important words only.

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WTH are torrents!? Not too shabby. I hope you found this helpful. I think using Google auto-complete is a great tip that many people might not think of. Also the screenshots are really great to go along with the descriptions and show how to use each tool. Thanks for your feedback Andrea. When I am researching I pretty much use all of the above mentioned tools. I think research is the most important part of retention and without great research you will have large turnover. Great post Tom! Very well written! Your step-by-step examples really helped me understand. Tried to turn a seemingly overcomplicated topic into an easy guide with some very useful tools in there :.

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10 Ways to Search Google for Information That 96% of People Don’t Know About

All these keyword research strategies and tools all in one place. Thank you for putting this together.

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Yep, seems like a common power struggle exists between web designers vs. SEOs as far as how the site is built. Awesome use of the Webgrader! I like the keyword difficulty chart you included from Orbit Media, definitely interesting and a good rule of thumb to focus around.

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Do you take suggested bids from Keyword Planner into account when looking at the best possible competition level for keywords? Great job on the post — shoot me a email if you have time to discuss some different strategies on keyword research. I do take suggested bids and CPC into account when selecting keywords. If the CPC is super high that should indicate higher competition in organic results.

Learn What Keywords Are Being Searched in Google

Thanks for pointing that out, sounds like I really need to write that article on keyword competition. Would love to discuss strategies and will be emailing you. I think this is fascinating! I always find it interesting to see what search suggestions the autocomplete comes up with. Me too. I think those two Autocomplete tricks I included are the only ones unless you know of others? This is a fantastic tutorial, with a ton of detail. I find keyword research to be very challenging, both to complete, and to explain to customers. The Hubshout tool looks interesting.

1. Don’t search for things that clue Google in to your location

I like the competitive keyword comparisons — seems simple to understand. I will give it a go. Sometimes people can get overzealous and not realize where their website is currently at, when all they see is keywords they want. Very helpful, and great tool. I have often said that doing SEO or kw research on a site that is already built, is like ordering furniture, placing it on a foundation, and then hiring a contractor to build a house around it.

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Very difficult. Autocomplete is one of my favorite things about google — they can be pretty helpful or hilarious. The tips on determining how many searches a focus keyword should have are really helpful! Thanks for the idea Madeline. Great to see some discussion of competition on keywords. Good tips! These are very specific examples of what people can do, which helps.