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These lower courts would be one of the 15 Superior or Trial Courts across the 15 Arizona counties. There were 1,, cases filed in Arizona district courts in There are number of differences between cases dealt with by civil court and those dealt with by small claims court. However, the civil court can also handle non-monetary disputes, such as name changes, restraining orders, and property disputes. These can include disputes over loans, repairs, warranties, deposits, and more.

The small claims court can also order the defendant to pay a fee. There are also key differences in how the appeals process and court limits work for both civil cases and small claims.

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In civil cases, pretrial discovery is allowed, where as it is not in small claims court. An exception to the national distribution of court records is when certain holdings that are infrequently used may be centrally stored at a National Archives facility in Kansas for efficiency. In those instances copies may be ordered, or may be consulted at the National Archives at Kansas City by special arrangement. Whenever this applies to records this information is noted in the National Archives Catalog.

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Step 4: Once you have determined what records you want to inspect and where they are located, you must request the public records. If an oral request is denied, however, you should submit a written request for access to the documents to the head of the public body involved.