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ASP.NET Get IP Address: UserHostAddress

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How to get Client Computer/PC IP Address and name in ?

Firewall uses a rules engine to configure request filtering. A HTTP request only needs to satisfy a single rule in order to pass the Firewall access control layer. The reverse order of the rules specifies the order in which an incoming HTTP request gets validated. If an ASP. The ExceptFromCloudflare configuration method will automatically pull the latest list of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges from Cloudflare and register the FirewallMiddleware with those values.

Custom Firewall rules can be added by creating a new class which implements IFirewallRule. The constructor of the IPCountryRule class takes in a list of allowed country codes and the next rule in the pipeline. If a HTTP request originated from an allowed country then the custom rule will return true , otherwise it will invoke the next rule of the rules engine.

In order to chain this rule into the existing rules engine one can add an additional extension method:. The optional accessDeniedDelegate parameter of the UseFirewall extension method can be used to override the default behaviour:.


Parse "0. If you have other proxies sitting between Cloudflare and the origin server e.

How To Get A User's Client IP Address In ASP NET

Connection object:. Please be aware that the ForwardedHeaders middleware must be registered before the FirewallMiddleware and also that it is not recommended to set the ForwardedLimit to a value greater than 1 unless you also provide a list of trusted proxies.

Firewall doesn't prescribe a certain way of how to configure rules outside of the rules engine. It is up to an application author to decide how rules should be loaded from an external configuration provider. NET Core offers a wealth of default configuration providers which are recommended to use. If you're having troubles with Firewall and you want to get more insight into which requests are being blocked by the Firewall then you can turn up the log level to Debug and retrieve more diagnostics:. If you've got value from any of the content which I have created, but pull requests are not your thing, then I would also very much appreciate your support by buying me a coffee.

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Get IP Address In ASP.NET

How is it different to ASP. Using with Cloudflare Cloudflare is a popular internet service which provides enhanced performance and security features to any website. The typical request flow for a website which is not protected by Cloudflare looks a little bit like this: Image source: blog. Parse " Parse " 1. Parse " 5. UseFirewall FirewallRulesEngine. WriteAsync " Hello World! ExceptFromLocalhost ; app.