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Popular Directory Searches. Likelihood that teachers in a half-dozen or more districts in California also strike this year:. That money has been divvied up, so this year, the Legislature will likely vote to place at least one construction bond for the ballot and maybe another for The battle will be over making the allocation formula of state matching funding more equitable. A Getting Down to Facts study concluded the current system favors property-wealthy districts, to the disadvantage of many rural districts and districts with low-income families.

Certified Payroll Records

Likelihood of a pre-K to community college construction bond on the ballot:. Likelihood of that with a significant change in the state allocation system:. Thwarted by Gov. In his veto message , Brown urged giving the University of California more time to decide whether to use Smarter Balanced scores as an admissions criterion. Within the next several weeks, the California Supreme Court will rule on a case challenging a year-old court decision that gave public union employees the vested right to whatever pension benefits were in effect their first day on the job.

Brown hoped the court would overturn the precedent before he left office, so public employers and the Legislature could scale back future benefits, potentially saving money for the state, school districts and local governments. The case before it, Cal Fire v. CalPERS, is narrow, but the court will likely use it to open the door to more definitive rulings. Unions will not like the direction that the court will take.

Likelihood that Cal Fire v. CalPERS chips away at grandfathered pension benefits for current workers:. This year, the Legislature will pass and Gov. That will be the easy part.

Michael Robertson: Teacher's Union Deception - Propaganda to Get More Money

Accomplishing it will require either raising new taxes see next item or devoting a bigger share of the General Fund to Proposition 98, the formula that sets the funding level for K schools and community colleges. Most of that revenue would go to local governments with 40 percent going to K schools and community colleges. But the initiative will face a tough fight from business groups and some education advocates who want legislators to negotiate changes with the sponsors to raise more money for schools — and perhaps preschools and early education.

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  • A Battle Over California’s Public Records Law.

Others want a different measure, with broader tax reform. Talks have yet to start but likelihood that they lead to agreement for a revised initiative late in But legislators who see an opening for funding universal preschool next year will be disappointed. Likelihood that Newsom lays out a multi-year plan for state-subsidized preschool for all low-income children:. But his obstinate opposition to creating a functioning statewide data system has prevented school districts, researchers and policy makers from understanding how well the system is working.

Brown believed that more statewide, uniform data collection could undermine local control and arouse meddling bureaucrats and overreaching legislators. Newsom has no such aversion.

California Department of Education FAQ

Likelihood that in , Newsom and legislative leaders create a timeline and a plan for a statewide data system:. We recommend consulting legal counsel if you receive such a request. Generally, this is a public record and no exception permits withholding this record except in rare circumstances.

This information should therefore be disclosed unless there is a known reason for keeping the information confidential, such as a protective court order. The main listed telephone number of the District or the school is a public record and no exception permits withholding this record.

Specific office or classroom phone numbers may be withheld, depending on whether the information is otherwise publicly available and whether the negative impact to the district or employee outweighs the interest in disclosing this record. We recommend that you consult legal counsel if you receive such a request. As discussed above, a district that refuses to provide any requested records could be the target of a lawsuit by the requesting party.

Therefore, those districts that are inclined to deny requests should consult with legal counsel prior to responding to the request. Legal Update written by Frank Zotter, Jr. Corbin, General Counsel, and Damara L. Moore, Senior Associate General Counsel. The information in this Legal Update is provided as a summary of law and is not intended as legal advice. Application of the law may vary depending on the particular facts and circumstances at issue. We, therefore, recommend that you consult legal counsel to advise you on how the law applies to your specific situation. All rights reserved. The public entity may charge the requestor for various costs associated with producing records in an electronic format.

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