Fix a damaged vinyl record

There are multiple ways to repair a broken vinyl and stop cracks from getting worse. How you use your vinyl can affect the way you choose to repair it. A preferred method is to put a drop of superglue on a clean piece of paper. Where the crack is, roll this part of the vinyl into the super glue at a vertical angle, like below.

Good To Know: Make sure you are extremely gentle when rolling the record in the glue and take extra care not to get the glue in the groves. This will make the record useless, as glue is practically impossible to remove from the grooves your record will be damaged forever.

By holding it here for a few seconds, the superglue will have a capillary effect, merge its way up the crack, not touching the grooves this will strengthen the crack whilst sticking it together. Through careful inspection, you can clearly identify whether a label has been moulded into the vinyl or simply been stuck on top. A vinyl record will have the label moulded onto it.

Guys does anyone know how to repair a vinyl with surface scratches

The moulding occurs around the edges of the label. Styrene records you will find their labels are placed flat onto the vinyl without being pressed and sealed at the edges. This makes it easier for someone to pick the label and peel it away. As ludicrous as it may sound, one of the best ways for removing a vinyl sticker is to lather it in human saliva!

Human saliva is one of the best ways for removing stick-on labels that use water-based glues.


By getting some saliva on your finger or cotton bud, you can rub at the sticker to soak it slightly. If you feel resistance, STOP soak again wait 5 minutes and the next attempt will see the label slide away. Is there a way to get out or remove a scratch from a vinyl record enough for it to not skip or get caught and repeat? Not really.

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This is one of the major reasons for getting away from vinyl. This depends on how bad the scratch really is. There used to be cleaners available that would sometimes help, but most of these have gone away much like actual "record stores" since the advent of digital music. Another tip you could try after cleaning he record is to slightly increase the amount of weight on the stylus. Tone arms usually have an adjustment wheel on the back end of the arm. Be aware that too much tone arm weight may cause wear ad damage to your record. Andy Anduerman.

Depending on how bad the scatches are you can use the inside of a bananna skin rub it in ,wipe off the excess and try itIt works on CD's but I never tried it on records.

Repairing a warped or scratched vinyl record

I have been somewhat successful using an ice cube by rubbing it fairly hard into the grooves. This method does not repair the scratch, but as I am typing this I am listening to an older record that I couldn't play through before doing this. I like second hand bargains and am playing it on an Audiotronics schoolhouse player I was able to repair.

It's not exactly state of the art but it suits me. Freddy Merkel freddymerkel. It does depend on the scratch itself. I've also removed stuck on paper with them as well.

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Show this post An unpopular method here. I have tried this several times - successfully. If there are minor surface scuffs, not deep ones, really hot water directly from the tap hurled right on to the surface reduces these scratches. But the very deep ones stay there. I have tried this method several times, sometimes it does miracles. I would not however do this to my expensive rare records, thus if this method done incorrectly, the vinyl is cooked. Show this post How steady is your hand? I use a junk narrow cut stylus and apply pressure through the scratched part at a slow speed turning by table by hand.

This works on shallow enough scratches that still have enough wall left to produce sound.

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There will still be a drop in sound and you need to be careful not to put too much pressure or it could make it worse. I wouldn't recommend this until you try it a on a junk record. Show this post Most folks here are right about it. There is no repairing a scratched record. You can only buy a better one.

But sometimes, the scratch is not really a scratch but some piece of dust or dirt. So try cleaning the record the best way possible. Ultra-sonic cleaning once did the trick for me with a record that I thought was scratched and beyond repair. It must've been just dirty. Also, you can for sure sort of scratch a scratched record to make it less scratched. I never tried with a tooth-pick or a needle. But putting it on a turntable, adding wheight to the stylus and backspinng it slowly, or, well, just scratching with it like a dj would at the right spot may help, although it's not that good for the record.

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Then there's this: You can adjust your stylus. Some scratches are in the lower portion of the groove, where the bass comes from, so removing weight from the stylus helps. For scratches in the higher portions of the groove, where your treble comes from, add weight to the stylus. This affects the sound, of course, but will allow the record to play without skipping in most cases. Show this post mikes-final-vinyl get yourself a black sharpie a sharpie will leave stuff on the surface Likely won't hurt much, but if you can avoid adding stuff to a groove, it's probably for the best.

Show this post First of all, this works on STYRENE records typically 45s though I have tried on vinyl and maybe once or twice it's worked on that but mostly it does not work on vinyl. I have a VinylOne Stack to protect the label. After it soaks, I use kitchen sponge to clean it again getting off all the degreaser with warm water and Dawn liquid soap. After it dries I give it a whirl. Many times that is enough to get rid of a skip. If not, when the stylus gets to the skipped area, I take my finger on put a little down and back towards the front of the record pressure.

Sometimes I do this more than once. Now, my turntable has a cheap stylus so I don't care if it ruins the stylus though I really have not had any stylus issues even after dioing this trick. If you have an expensive stylus you may not want to try this.