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A requester can even have the complete history notarized, for the purposes of international adoption, international employment, visa applications, citizenship applications, or in other special circumstances.

The account will store basic information such as the account holder's name and address, as well as past criminal history requests. From there it is simply a matter of filling out the necessary forms provided by PATCH to enable a full background search. It is necessary to provide one's full name, address, social security number, and any past names and addresses.

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It will also be necessary to enter a credit card number in order to pay for the expense of the search. Once this information is entered, an automated system will conduct the search. In the event that a criminal record is blank i.

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Keep in mind that violation level offenses i. Records having one or more entries, or which may have entries and thus merit further scrutiny, can take up to three weeks to be returned, as they must be propagated across all relevant agencies in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. As the request must be handed across multiple agencies, there is no accurate way to predict how long a non-instantaneous result will take, nor when it will be completed. Persons who do not have a credit card or do not wish to file online are invited to file using a paper application, which can be found here.

The results of this search will be mailed to the requester within three weeks of the request's receipt by the state, and the specific return date cannot be predicted with any accuracy. A record requested in this manner will be identical to one provided with the PATCH system and the same options for notarization are available.

Lastly, Pennsylvania citizens are able to request copies of criminal records by going to the individual courts where those records were initiated. This is not an option for persons having no criminal record, as those persons have no specific court or agency to request from, and they must instead obtain their blank record from the state via the PATCH system or form mentioned above.

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  • Citizens who know that they obtained a criminal record due to a conviction in a specific court may return to that court in order to obtain a copy of that record. In general the record will be limited to that court; however it is possible to begin a statewide request at that court location by filling out a Criminal History Request Form at that location.

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    Persons requesting only the local court record should be able to receive a copy from that clerk at the time of the request. All Pennsylvania courts have facilities available to permit the copying of the record on behalf of the requester. If a requester finds that there is an error in his or her criminal record, it is up to the requester to bring the error to the attention of the relevant law enforcement agency or court in order to have this error corrected.

    Our take: Employers may only consider felony and misdemeanor convictions when using an applicant's criminal history to inform an employment decision. Under 18 Pa.

    Request a Criminal History Record

    Our take: Philadelphia Employers may not inquire into credit history when making an employment decision, unless the position falls under an exception listed under Philadelphia's Fair Practices Ordinace. Who must follow: This ban-the-box law applies only to public sector employers for the State of Pennsylvania that are hiring for non-civil service positions falling under the governor's jurisdiction. Timing of inquiry: Public sector empoyers for the state of Pennsylvania may not inquire into criminal history on the job application. Who must follow: This law applies to all employers in Pennsylvania, both public and private.


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    State laws. Code Chapter et seq Our take: Philadelphia Employers may not inquire into credit history when making an employment decision, unless the position falls under an exception listed under Philadelphia's Fair Practices Ordinace.