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But as you see your car in the parking lot, your golden mood turns to brown. Something is clearly wrong. For one, your car used to be a white Honda Civic. But now its got a red gash running across the front passenger side door. Worse, the door has a huge dent in it! Some jerk in another car swiped you and fled the scene!

As you curse and cry at the sky, a bystander tells you she saw the guy who did it. He is a notorious braggart and an obnoxious know it all. But he pays for his drinks in cash, so no one knows his last name, where he lives or even where he works. You bet.

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Spencer is a licensed professional an attorney. He also has a nice red car probably with some white paint on it. You can find him regardless of what his car looks like. So first we need an inclusive professional directory that lists all Georgia lawyers, not just the ones who pay for a listing.

And it allows you to filter by first name, last name, state of practice, company, city or law school. But we do know his age and that he is local to GA. This is mighty useful to weed out the false leads. False leads include those lawyers too old, dead, or too young to be our Mr.

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No Goodnik. Lawyers spend 4 years in undergrad and 3 years in law school. So the earliest the average lawyer graduates is at Only 13 Spencers had Spencer as their first name. So now we have 4 suspects with full names, middle names and practice location along with the law school they graduated from. This is more than you need to Google them.

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But it gets better. Sometimes the cursive writing may not have been read correctly when the information was copied into our index.

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It is also possible that the information given to us when the event was registered—the original information—might not be correct. As historical records, the information on a historical certificate or image is what was recorded at the time of the event. If you do find a mistake, please let us know and we will review the record and make a correction if applicable.

Information will not be changed if the historical index accurately shows the information that was given at the time of registration. To search the historical research service for an event, you need to:.

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If you're having trouble finding a historical record, use different details to refine your search so you are more likely to find the person you are looking for. Adding more information will narrow your search, giving you more specific results. For example, the details below will find results in the historical index based on a fuzzy spelling of the person's family name and parent's names:. While all other information may be correct, a minor difference—for example, if the first name is spelt Gertrud rather than Gertruda—will bring the same results.

You could also try using a different spelling for the last name. Convicts transported to Australia often changed the spelling of their names to hide their past, and names were often changed to English. If you search using only the person's family name and it is spelt Unger, results may not be found if you use a different spelling. For example, the details below will not find children born to the parents in the historical index based on the incorrect spelling of the person's family name:.

Also try using variations of the person's first names. Historical indexes sometimes use formal first names when the person was commonly known by a shorter name. You can only enter the wildcard symbol after any letters e. For example, these details will find children born to the parents in the historical index if the details are correct:. These details are found below the products available for purchase.

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You can download the top results for any search where results are found. The download link is found at the top of your results and will provide you with a spreadsheet you can use and manage. The historical certificate or registration image you buy will show the following information about the registration.

The information shown on a historical certificate and the information needed to register an event may vary.

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The historical source image you buy will show the information about the registration and may show compliance-checking notes done by the staff of the day. Sometimes these records may show more information. For example, a marriage source image may have recorded:. Your search results will display registration details. This includes a unique number used by us to locate the full registration. The registration number provides additional information about the event, which may help you identify the specific record you are looking for, particularly if you are searching on a common name.

The registration number can give you an idea of where the event took place. Some records may not display an index prefix, while some index prefixes have changed significantly over time, particularly in South East Queensland. Remember that the year is the year the record was registered, not when the birth, death or marriage took place, which may be different.