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Well, unfortunately there is no particular place in Vice City where the Esperanto is perpetually parked like the Oceanic in front of the Ocean View or the Infernus in front of the Vercetti Estate. The only way to get it is to catch one. And if you're here then you're having problems finding one running around. So you have to try and get one to spawn, which I have found to be kind of an art.

I've devoted hours to this specific problem, trying to find a sure-fire way get the Esperanto to spawn.

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These are my current findings: There is no sure-fire way to spawn an Esperanto. You can only hope to improve your chances of getting it to appear. The best way to spawn one is to already be driving one, since driving a certain vehicle will spawn lots of similiar vehicles, especially the one you're driving. Still this is not a sure-fire way to get an Esperanto to appear. The next best thing to do to increase your odds of spawning one is to steal taxi or a mid-quality car and get the lower- and mid-quality cars to appear.

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The following vehicles are the specific ones you will want to steal to increase the chances of an Esperanto spawning: Virgo or Idaho. These two cars, especially the Virgo tend to bring them out. Drive it around Washington Beach and Ocean Beach. Downtown and around the Airport seem to be a good places to go too.

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The edge of Little Havana near Downtown is kind of good, but too deep and they seem to disappear. You can't drive the Rancher directly into the Pay 'n Spray - it's too "hot" to repaint. Just leave it right outside the Pay 'n Spray, quickly steal a nearby car, then drive that car into the Pay 'n Spray. Note that when you get back into the FBI Rancher, you'll automatically get a one-star wanted level. Save the car in your garage at one of your safehouses.

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Make sure you save the game itself as well. When you load the game later, you'll have the car stored in your garage damage-free. You can steal it from the officers when you get a three-star wanted level or higher the difference between the regular one and the police one is that the police one will have a siren , or get one behind the police station from Little Havana.

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GTA Vice City: All Flying Vehicles Location Guide Part [1/2]

Tips Having full body armor and health will greatly increase your survival chances. Use a shotgun or revolver to kill enemies. An RPG, grenade, or minigun can be used to blow up vehicles. Using a sniper rifle when you're up on a rooftop or other secluded area can quickly kill people while leaving you unseen.

If you do not want to cheat to lower your wanted-level. There is another, more complicated method. Take a normal car, spray it, and then return to the Rancher to park it in the garage of your choice.

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Get arrested on the second island and look for it! Warnings Ensure that the immediate area is free of police officers. If they catch up to you, they can open your doors and arrest you. And who wants to be arrested and be forced to redo the entire process? Don't raise your wanted level to six stars. Next big future update, pics of the cars in their locations.

Will be done once the PC version comes out. Car List The following is a list of the cars that have permanent parked locations. Click the car name to go directly to the car. Baggage Handler Escobar International 1. West side of terminal, inside airport fence.

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Just south of the terminal, between the two spokes sticking out. Starfish Island Go down the street across from mansion driveway. Turn into the 2nd driveway on the right. Look in the garage. Cuban Jetmax Vice Port Boatyard. Spawns mission " Checkpoint Charlie. Gang Burrito Prawn Island Driveway of green house all the way north.