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Tenant Screening 101: Conducting a Background Check for Your Salt Lake City Rental Property

No onsite inspection. Choose from 1 of 3 convenient packages, get a credit decision and pay as you go! Contracts are month-to-month, with no ongoing commitment or cancelation notification requirement. Volume discounts, sliding scales, custom package pricing, and negotiable rates are available to Commercial Accounts. Whether you manage 10 units or 1,, E-Renter helps property managers screen with confidence at scale.

Background checks on new tenants -

Get started by downloading our commercial account sign up form. Download Sign Up Form. We help landlords, property managers and firms screen tenants and employees with confidence. Tenant background checks should be easy. Landlord Services.

2. Determine What Questions to Ask Potential Tenants

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  • FAQ: What shows up when you do a background check on potential tenants?.

Basic Tenant Screening Background Check. It also considers bankruptcies, collections, and judgments. Check for correct spelling of names, previous addresses, etc. Tenant screening services such as MyRental can help with federal, state, and local criminal background checking. They also offer FCRA-certified screeners who are trained to know what to look for in a background check and will keep you from making identity mistakes. Sometimes performing a background check will disclose negative results.

However, it could mean you want to discuss the results in more detail. This will help you determine whether the applicant can afford the rent. A common income guideline is the three-times rule. Check with the current employer to verify their employment status, job title, and salary. Job stability can be as important as the amount of salary. Check out our article for more details regarding verifying rental income. You should verify one or more previous addresses. Assuming the applicant was a renter, the history with those landlords should be researched. You want to find out what they paid in rent, if those payments were timely, and whether the landlord or neighbors had any problems with the applicant while there.

Because the previous landlords are no longer vested in the situation, they will normally be more forthcoming with the true story about their experience with your candidate. In addition to checking with previous landlords, you can also check local housing court records to see if the prospect has any evictions, and even look for judgments for damages in their court history. Those services save you from having to make phone calls yourself and know how to legally inquire about a candidate. There could be potential mistakes in your findings that can be cleared up in this interview.

Federal fair housing laws protect applicants from discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, age, gender sexual orientation, family status, or disability. Asking inappropriate questions or turning away an otherwise qualified candidate based on illegal criteria can be grounds for a potential lawsuit.

Tenant Background Checks: A Landlord's Guide

The sum of the compiled data will point to either an acceptance, a decline, or a tentative situation requiring a judgment call. If one item is a bit less than ideal, but the other areas look good, you may potentially have a good candidate.

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If tenant screening shows a mostly-qualified candidate with a few issues, then it ultimately comes down to a judgment call regarding whether or not to rent to them. Some common judgment scenarios include:. If there are clear indicators that a candidate is problematic, then you are within your rights to decline them.

However, make sure you comply with adverse action FCRA laws. Landlords and property managers are bound by the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA to supply proper responses if a candidate is denied due to their credit report or related factors. Be prepared with supporting documentation when declining a prospective tenant and stay within the boundaries of the law.

How to Easily Screen Potential Tenants

Tenant screening provides the necessary data to ensure you are not making subjective decisions or improperly denying candidates. Some screening software will generate adverse action letters automatically; others have templates on file for clients to use. Taking a complete application and performing background, address, and employments checks are important tenant screening steps.

There are other steps that add value to tenant screening, making the application process easier and faster for both the tenant and the landlord. Create customized uniform questions for your tenant applications. Knowing if they have pets, smoke, or have negative credit upfront can help you sift through applications quickly. Asking the same questions on every application ensures you follow fair housing laws. Having a completed application is an important step in the tenant screening process.

Landlords will benefit by making the process easy and efficient for potential tenants by using online applications. When tenants apply online, landlords will receive their applications within a few minutes. This makes the approval and declination process quick so you can move forward or move on. When you market your rental property online, you have a chance to list your minimum requirements. For example, you can disclose your application fee, security deposit, and lease terms.

Screening tenants is just one part of managing your rental property. Landlords also need to market their property to find applicants, sign and manage leases, accept online payments, manage property maintenance requests, and more. Good property management software, like Avail , will allow you to do all of this for one low monthly payment. You can get started with one unit for free. Hopefully this article has answered your questions about how to screen tenants for rental property.

If you still have questions, below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding screening tenants. And if you additional questions, be sure to visit our Fit Small Business forum and post your question there. Once a landlord compiles all the background information, they will make a decision based on those facts and if a prospect can afford the property.

There are many ways to list your rental property, including sites like Zillow and Rent. Check out our Best Property Management Software article for more in-depth information. The best way to perform a background check on a prospective tenant is to hire a dependable service to perform the screening. Companies like MyRental can perform these tasks, helping you interpret the meaning and validating the accuracy of the information.

When learning how to screen tenants, you should run credit checks, verify income and employment, conduct criminal and related background checks, and investigate prior landlord and residence history on all potential residents to determine whether prospective renters will likely make good tenants.

Screen tenants professionally.

Tenant screening software and services can help streamline the process. Check out MyRental if you are looking for an easy to use and affordable tenant screening software to find the right tenants.

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