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Background check form

These images are for viewing purposes only. For all individuals requiring a background check who have lived in other states during any part of the last five years there must be an abuse and neglect registry check completed in each of those states.

Please review the instructions on the chart and print and complete the form required by each state and return it to the Child Care Licensing Unit unless otherwise indicated. Please call our office with any questions in order to ensure this process is completed as quickly as possible as it could impact your ability to work in a child care program.


California is a closed state. The Department of Justice does not process inquiries for Employment or Volunteer purposes.

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Complete state form, enclose a copy of an ID card, driver's license or other identification, and submit. New Jersey.

New Mexico. New York.

Background Screening Process

A provider is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if the provider knowingly hires or retains a person to have contact with patients or residents and the person has been found guilty in this state or any other state or has been found guilty of a crime, which if committed in Missouri would be a class A or B felony violation of chapter , or , or any violation of subsection 3 of section Any in-home services provider agency or home health agency shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor if such agency knowingly employs a person to provide in-home services or home health services to any in-home services client or home health patient and such person either refuses to register with the family care safety registry or is listed on any of the background check lists in the family care safety registry pursuant to sections The highway patrol shall examine whether protocols can be developed to allow a provider to request a statewide fingerprint criminal records review check through local law enforcement agencies.

A provider may use a private investigatory agency rather than the highway patrol to do a criminal history records review check, and alternatively, the applicant pays the private investigatory agency such fees as the provider and such agency shall agree. Except for the hiring restriction based on the department of health and senior services employee disqualification list established pursuant to section Prior to allowing any person who has been hired as a full-time, part-time or temporary position to have contact with any patient or resident the provider shall, or in the case of temporary employees hired through or contracted for an employment agency, the employment agency shall prior to sending a temporary employee to a provider: 1 Request a criminal background check as provided in section An applicant for a position to have contact with patients or residents of a provider shall: 1 Sign a consent form as required by section Transferred ; formerly Disclaimer: These codes may not be the most recent version.

Missouri may have more current or accurate information.