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Tier II offenders are those offenders receiving a score of between on the scale.

These offenders are considered to be at moderate risk for re-offending. Tier III offenders are those offenders receiving a score of 74 or higher on the scale. These offenders are considered to be at high risk of re-offending. For Juvenile Sex Offenders, Tier 1 offenders are those offenders receiving a score on the scale of 9 or under. Tier III offenders are those offenders receiving a score of 20 or higher on the scale.

Once an offender is classified, what occurs next? The offender is provided with information regarding the scale score and what tier they fall in. Will the community always be notified of the presence of a sex offender? Under the law, only registered community organizations that qualify for notification, because they directly care for children, women, or other vulnerable groups, schools, day care centers and summer camps are notified of moderate and high risk offenders Tier II and Tier III that they are likely to encounter, because of the possibility that offenders may be drawn to these places.

In determining which groups, schools, etc. Once the Court approves notification to specific groups, schools, etc.

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If a school receives a Tier II notification will this information be provided to the parents of children attending the school? The Courts have limited Tier II offender information only to staff, so they may protect the children or potential victims while they are located at a facility likely to encounter the sex offender.

Are there any occasions when the schools, community organizations, day care centers, etc. The school, community organization, day care center, etc. At no time should the school provide the information directly to the student unless the student is over 18 years of age. The parents can then share the information that the schools provided with anyone else in their household.

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Again, the simple answer is NO. If I am seeking to move to a new neighborhood, am I entitled to know if there are any sex offenders living in the neighborhood before I make the decision to move? No information will ever be released over the telephone; the only information a citizen may receive is about Tier III, high-risk offenders living within feet of their homes. Once identification is provided you will receive only the information that was covered by a prior Court order.

In most instances there will be no information for you to receive.

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There is however nothing preventing you from geographically searching the Sex Offender Internet Registry website address located in answer 20 below to see if there are any listings in the neighborhood in which you are seeking to move. My real estate agent or attorney told me I was entitled to information about sex offenders in my community.

Until you actually move into the community, you are not entitled to any information.

Upon moving into the community, you will only be entitled to Tier III high risk offender information if your new address was covered by a previous Court Order. How many sex offenders are currently residing in Monmouth County? According to most recent statistics, there are approximately sex offenders registered in Monmouth County.

Of those , what is the breakdown of Tiers? This is not an easy statistic to provide, because at any given time, not all of the registrants have been classified, with signed Orders. New registrants have no assigned tier. Another problem is that some of those who are registered have moved after registering, or are currently incarcerated or hospitalized, thus removing them from the tiering process.

In the appropriate case, the charges may be resolved without subjecting the defendant to the consequences of Megan's Law or PSL. Tiering proceedings - If the defendant is ultimately convicted of an enumerated sex offense, they will have to undergo an evaluation for tier placement so as to determine the level of their supervision and the extent of their reporting requirements.

There are three tiers. The results of the tiering evaluation cannot be accepted at face value, since it is performed by the county prosecutor's office.


Public Sex Offender Registry

Friedman, LLC, reviews the results of the tiering evaluation to ascertain whether the defendant's score and accompanying tier placement is appropriate. Friedman also represents defendants seeking to challenge their score and reporting requirements at tiering proceedings. Defendants can be subject to re-tiering at any time during their term of PSL. If this happens, the defendant will receive a notice asking them whether they intend to challenge the prosecutor's tier assignment in court.

If the defendant fails to respond to that notice within the appropriate timeframe, they will be placed in that tier, and subjected to all of the associated registration, reporting and supervision requirements, without any further notice or opportunity to challenge the prosecutor's decision.

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We advise defendants to protect all of their rights by acting promptly to challenge the prosecutor's decision. Relocations Proceedings - Sex offenders seeking to relocate to another County in New Jersey, or to another State, face a series of challenges and must comply with special procedures governing relocation. We advise offenders seeking to relocate and, where necessary, represents them in court concerning their relocation.

If the offender has completed their year term of supervision and is otherwise eligible, James S. Friedman, LLC, will prepare and file a motion for an order removing them from PSL, and will represent them at the hearing on the motion. If you have been charged with a sex offense, or if you have already been convicted and must now address issues concerning tiering, registration, reporting, relocation, supervision, or removal from PSL, contact James S.

Friedman, LLC, to learn about all of your options. Call us at toll free or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Friedman, LLC. Friedman, LLC Home. Contact James S. Home Firm Overview James S. Friedman, Esq. Friedman, LLC?