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  • New Law Requires Life Insurers to Check DMF List Against Policies.

These companies have also filed lawsuits against the state government. The suing companies have claimed that the government is overreaching its legal authority. If this were true, insurance companies could suffer financial losses from filing errors and fraudulent activities.

Moore ruling to show that states have a constitutional right to collect undistributed funds on the behalf of families. Now that the act is official, it is unlikely that the lawsuit will be fruitful for the suing companies. Cost of the Law Some critics of this new law have argued that the act of legally requiring private companies to check a database against policies is an example of government overreach. Fortunately, the new DMF checking requirement is neither tedious nor wasteful.

Insurers simply need to check the Social Security Death Index to ensure that their private databases match the information in the government databases.

Find out about Death Index Inteligator

It is a simple database on the social security death index official site that compiles the social security information of deceased people in the United States. It is the most comprehensive source of information available to insurers and people searching for death-related information.

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  4. This law is not the result of overzealous legislators. There are about 20 major life insurers in IL, so this a huge figure for a five-year period. Currently, this covers , but who knows, they may update it in the future. It includes even more information.

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    You can pick up your copy here in our store. Ruth H. Petersen on May 11, at pm. Combined with their newspaper obituary, you can find detailed and valuable information about your ancestors, such as their career, hobbies, civic associations, academic affiliations and a list of close relatives. This information provides more pieces of the puzzle for finding out more about your family history.

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