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The continued existence of the soul. Anatu Chald.

The female aspect of Anu q. She represents the Earth and Depth, while her consort represents the Heaven and Height. She is the mother of the god Hea, and produces heaven and earth. Astronomically she is Ishtar, Venus, the Ashtoreth of the Jews. Anaxagoras Gr.

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A famous Ionian philosopher who lived B. Socrates, Euripides, Archelaus and other distinguished men and philosophers were among his disciples and pupils. He was a most learned astronomer and was one of the first to explain openly that which was taught by Pythagoras secretly, namely, the movements of the planets, the eclipses of the sun and moon, etc. These atoms, he taught, were primarily put in motion by Nous Universal Intelligence, the Mahat of the Hindus , which Nous is an immaterial, eternal, spiritual entity; by this combination the world was formed, the material gross bodies sinking down, and the ethereal atoms or fiery ether rising and spreading in the upper celestial regions.

Antedating modern science by over years, he taught that the stars were of the same material as our earth, and the sun a glowing mass; that the moon was a dark, uninhabitable body, receiving its light from the sun; the comets, wandering stars or bodies ; and over and above the said science, he confessed himself thoroughly convinced that the real existence of things, perceived by our senses, could not be demonstrably proved.

He died in exile at Lampsacus at the age of seventy-two. Ancients , The. Androgyne Goat of Mendes. Androgyne Ray Esot. Audumla Scand. Fire Star; the planet Mars; in Tibetan, Mig-mar. A son of Daksha ; a lawyer, etc. Angirasas Sk. Angra Mainyus Zend.

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AnimaMundi Lat. It was feminine with the Gnostics, the early Christians and the Nazarenes; bisexual with other sects, who considered it only in its four lower planes. Of igneous, ethereal nature in the. Anjala Sk. Anjana Sk. A serpent, a son of Kasyapa Rishi. Annamaya Kosha Sk. A Vedantic term. Annapura Sk.

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Annedotus Gr. The generic name for the Dragons or Men-Fishes, of which there were five. See Lenormant Chaldean Magic, p. Anoia Gr. Anouki Eg. A form of Isis; the goddess of life, from which name the Hebrew Ank , life. Ansumat Sk. Antahkarana Sk. The term has various meanings, which differ with every school of philosophy and sect.

It serves as a medium of communication between the two, and conveys from the Lower to the Higher Ego all those personal impressions and thoughts of men which can, by their nature, be assimilated and stored by the undying Entity, and be thus made immortal with it, these being the only elements of the evanescent Personality that survive death and time. It thus stands to reason that. Anthesteria Gr. The Science of man; it embraces among other things :— Physiology , or that branch of natural science which discloses the mysteries of the organs and their functions in men, animals and plants; and also, and especially,— Psychology or the great, and in our days, too much neglected science of the soul, both as an entity distinct from the spirit, and in its relation to the spirit and body.

In modern science, psychology deals only or principally with conditions of the nervous system, and almost absolutely ignores the psychical essence and nature. Physicians denominate the science of insanity psychology, and name the lunacy chair in medical colleges by that designation. Anthropomorphism Gr. The act of endowing god or gods with a human form and human attributes or qualities.

Anu Sk. A hint at the pantheistic nature of the god. Anu Chald. He is the Ruler and God of Heaven and Earth. His symbol is a star and a kind of Maltese cross—emblems of divinity and sovereignty. Both are the types of the Ouranos and Gaia of Hesiod. They sprang from the original Chaos. All his titles and attributes are grapfiic and indicate health, purity physical and moral, antiquity and holiness. Anu was the earliest god of the city of Erech. One of his sons was Bil or Vil-Kan, the god of fire, of various metals, and of weapons.

Anubis Gr. The dog -headed god, identical, in a certain aspect, with Horus. He is pre-eminently the god who deals with the disembodied, or the resurrected in post mortem life. Anepou is his Egyptian. One of the oldest deities in Egypt, Mariette Bey having found the image of this deity in tombs of the Third Dynasty. One of the Upanishads.

A very occult treatise. See The sacred Books of the East. Anugraha Sk. Anuki Eg. Anumati Sk. The moon at the full; when from a god—Soma—she becomes a goddess.