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You have to trust them to do their jobs, to treat customers and partners with respect, and to represent your brand appropriately. Verifying credentials is particularly important when you consider a recent report from CareerBuilder. You might remember the case of former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who landed in the headlines for allegedly misrepresenting his college degrees.

Hiring someone with false credentials can directly affect your existing employees, too. Extra time spent managing a bad hire is less time spent on helping the business grow. Therefore, running a background check is a surefire method to ensure you are hiring a candidate based on facts, giving you peace of mind and ensuring no time or effort go wasted.

The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Conducting Employee Background Checks

Using a background check service like GoodHire to verify education, employer history, and professional licenses earned helps you confirm candidate qualifications and move forward with certainty. Many business owners are worried about employees stealing cash and inventory.

Many employers neglect to consider other forms of potential theft, such as cybercrime, which can affect companies across all industries. The Computer Security Institute estimates that disgruntled ex-employees are hacking employers at unprecedented rates. Employees with access to sensitive data have stolen and in some cases, sold client and fellow employee information from company computers.

You can do your best to be aware of such potential problems by conducting a thorough screening of a new hire.

HR Basics: Background Checks

Examining work history gaps and reasons for leaving a job can help determine whether a candidate is a risk. If a candidate left a job without another job lined up or another explanation for the gap, it would be worthwhile to inquire about the reason for the departure. Who conducts employment background checks and why? For example, anyone applying for a position in any of the following facilities or organizations in North Carolina needs to undergo a criminal record check: Hospitals Nursing homes Mental health facilities Home care agencies Day care facilities Child Placement agencies Substance abuse facilities Any for-profit or non-profit institution that provides care to children, the sick, disabled or senior citizens.

What kinds of employment background checks are there?

Intelligent Solutions for Employment Screening

How do employment background checks work? What are the legal steps involved in a background check? There are four main steps that you have to follow to stay on the right side of the law. Disclosure: Candidates must understand that you are conducting a pre-employment screening as a pre-condition of an offer. The candidate must also provide sufficient personal details for the check to get underway.

Background Checks Include:

Investigation: The report is compiled once the candidate has provided sufficient personal details for the check to get underway. How much do background checks cost? What if the pre-employment check reveals something negative? What rights does a candidate have during the background check process?

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Should a candidate be disqualified if something negative is found? Get a free trial. He writes about the ideas shaping the world of work.

He was formerly with the Economist and Guardian. Latest in this category. Demystifying employment background checks Employer background checks, or pre-employment screenings, are vital to the hiring process Most people might find it unseemly were you to run background checks on your potential dates prior to asking them out. But the same does not hold true when hiring a new employee.

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The practice is so important that nearly seven out of 10 organizations 69 percent claim they conduct criminal background checks on all job candidates, according to a background check survey from the Society for Human Resources Management. Chris Dyer, founder of PeopleG2 , a leading provider of human capital due diligence services, understands the complex challenges inherent to talent management decisions. Do be broad and thorough. Companies lose great candidates when they look at only one specific item.

They may also be the target of an Equal Employment Opportunities Commission EEOC investigation for excluding applicants who have a criminal records, no matter what the charge or how long ago the offense occurred. Then you can run a broad and thorough background check.

Do follow the law. There are so many opportunities to conduct a background check the wrong way, which means as an employer, you must take great care to follow the rules.