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The state can then use these records to analyze statistics and trends through the population of California.

Los Angeles county marriage records 2011-2012

Records are kept of all divorces through the state of California, as soon as civil registration of said event occurs. In , there were nearly , divorces in the state, which is down from almost , in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and Napa represented the cities with the most divorces in the state. Box in Sacramento. For more information, contact them between Monday and Friday 8 a. California records marriages inside state borders as a matter of law.

California Vital Records Indexes

Divorce records are split from before and after to present. The first law requiring marriage records to be collected was passed in , with all records before being gathered by the county clerks offices. A birth certificate, of course, is the record that documents the birth of a child, referring to either the original document itself , or a certified copy. May I address the City Councilmembers at a meeting? You will need to complete a speaker slip and hand it to the City Clerk or recording secretary before the meeting begins.


You will have the opportunity to speak up to 3 minutes at the Mayor's discretion. Audience comments for items not on the agenda will be taken at the beginning of the meeting under Oral Communications. Comments for items on the agenda will be taken when that item is called.

How do I request copies of City documents? Request for easily identifiable documents may be made in person in the City Clerk's Office and copies are made available at that time for a fee.

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However, more complex document requests must be submitted in writing by email to cityclerk beverlyhills. See below for what you will need to obtain a certified copy.

The child's full name as stated on the birth certificate. The child's date of birth.


Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

The child's place of birth. The date of death.

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The place of death. The date of birth of the decedent, if known.